• 1-Pound Preemie Flown to Boston

    VitalOne coordinated an instantaneous air transport for a 6-hour-old baby. The infant was born at 25 weeks, weighing only 830 grams, or 1.11 lbs. This tiny little miracle needed special care, and for that Boston’s Children’s Hospital was chosen. The top neonatologist at the Children’s Hospital of Boston is Dr. Lawrence Rhein, a world-renowned specialist in caring for ill or premature newborns. Premature babies have excellent chances with today’s medical technology, but time is of essence to get the newborn to the top-rated NICU suited for its needs.

    VitalOne was contacted right away, and all arrangements were made in record time. Merely six hours after the birth, the delicate infant was being transported with an experienced Neonatal Critical Care Transport Team, which provided a high level of intensive care to the baby in transit. Aboard the specially-equipped NICU jet, the tiny infant began its journey towards a lifetime of good health and proper development.

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