Welcome to VitalOne.org

VitalOne.org is an organization committed to providing urgent relief and crisis intervention in difficult situations. Our professionals are trained and equipped to respond immediately, day or night, and to mobilize all resources necessary to assist people in need.

Our Motto

Our philosophy is guided by the values of kindness and compassion.

— Isaac Leider

I would like to thank you and your team for the incredible gift you gave me, my mom and our entire family when you safely transported my critically ill mother on September 11, 2013, from San Diego to Long Island, New York.

— Marilyn S.




VitalOne was founded by Isaac Leider in 2006 to provide streamlined hospital and air medical transport via emergency medical flights and international medical escort. Today, Isaac’s vast knowledge of hospital procedure, medical process, health and travel insurance, aviation, and critical care equipment literally saves lives. As Director of VitalOne he has built an organization that is characterized by humanity, respect and dedication to meeting the needs of critical care patients and their families.

VitalOne stands committed to providing all necessary aeromedical services, whether it is an emergency air transport or a scheduled patient transfer via air ambulance. Our professional team is trained and equipped and ready to respond immediately, by mobilizing all resources necessary. Our purpose is to assist patients, as well as their family members, through arduous medical and health crises.

VitalOne.org strives to bring lower air ambulance and assisted medical travel costs to patients and patient’s families. VitalOne’s pricing is cost effective with no hidden fees and our insurance assistance and advocacy provide any financial guidance you may require.

VitalOne.org is highly recognized and respected by leading professionals in need of, or involved in, air medical transport, both domestically and internationally. Our philosophy is guided by compassion and the value and dignity of every human life. Our commitment to our patients is absolute.

VitalOne.org is an indirect air carrier which arranges and coordinates air ambulance services.

All flights are operated by direct air carriers holding certificates issued under 14 C.F.R. Part 121 or 135

Local and Global service is provided through strategic networks and partnerships with air carriers and health care contacts throughout the world.

I hereby recommend the services of Rabbi Isaac Leider and his VitalOne organization. Rabbi Leider is a champion of getting the job done correctly and with extreme sensitivity.

— Professor David M Linton
Director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit
Hadassah Medical Center